Terms and Conditions

PtcEvolution/Ptc Groups PTC Terms of Service

1. When your earnings reach $1.00 or more here at PtcEvolution you may request that your earnings be TRANSFERRED over to your Ptc Groups accounts based on your preferred programs. If you do not specify a preferred program your earnings will go into your Ptc Groups PTC matrix.

You MUST join Ptc Groups to have an account to transfer your PtcEvolution earnings to. Here is the link: http://www.ptcgroups.com/ . Be SURE to read all of the information about Ptc Groups...it will help you...a LOT.

To request that your earnings be transferred over to your Ptc Groups account(s) send us a support ticket or email us at: ptcgroupsemail@gmail.com
Once your earnings at Ptc Groups reach a minimum of $1.00 you may request your payout by sending us an email at ptcgroupsemail@gmail.com.
Here is the link for complete instructions on requesting your payouts from Ptc Groups:  http://ptcgroups.com/how-to-request-your-payouts.html

1-a  We can not  guarantee than ANY of the "accepted" ptc sites will pay out. All we can tell you is that we are using all of the ptc sites listed in our "Accepted PTC Sites" list. What we CAN guarantee is that if Ptc Groups© receives funds from you for any of your chosen ptc sites, it WILL be paid out to you and your matrix members.  

2. Direct referrals are ENCOURAGED.  All direct referrals you refer will be placed under you as follows:
 All new,  current members will be placed into the straight-line matrix. That means that ALL new, current  members will go under you.
 If you would like to market for direct referrals simply request your own unique referral link. 

3. You must join and maintain your membership at a minimum of 1 of our accepted ptc sites. If at any time you are active at less than 1 of our accepted ptc sites, you will be dropped to the bottom of the matrix and you will lose all of your referrals. If you are not active in at least 1 of our accepted ptc sites for 30 days your account will be deleted.
4. You must deposit your payouts within the time frame for each of your ptc sites into your Ptc Groups© account from at least 1 of our accepted ptc sites. If you do not make a deposit within the time frame for each site for all of your  accepted ptc sites you will be considered "inactive" and you will be dropped to the bottom of the matrix and you will lose all of your referrals. If you are inactive for 30 days your account will be deleted. The time frame means the minimal amount of time it takes to get a payout for a particular site.
A site may give you 10 ads to click for .01 cents per ad or 1.0 cents per day or 30 cents per month. If that site has a $2.00 minimum payout the time frame for that site is: $2.00/30 cents= 6.66 months.
In other words, that site has a 6.666 month time frame. So, you must make a deposit for THAT site every 6.666 months to remain eligible for THAT site's matrix.
5. You must be active in at least 1 of our accepted ptc sites for the previous 30 days to receive a payout.
6. When registering at an accepted ptc site it is best to use your personal email address BUT when you receive a payout from that ptc site you MUST immediately deposit the minimum deposit amount into your Ptc Groups© account at ptcgroupsemail@gmail.com and enclose (forward)  copy of the email notification you received. The reason for this is that your up line is entitled to a percentage of that payout the same way YOU are entitled to a percentage go your down lines' payouts.

7. Any user found to be exploiting a bug will be banned

8. Liability: Ptc Groups© will not be liable for delays or failure in performance caused by acts of God, war, terrorism, strike, labor dispute, work stoppage, fire, act of government, or any other cause, whether similar or dissimilar, beyond our control. Ptc Groups© reserves the right to restrict, alter, or modify fees, benefits, rules, regulations, special offers, membership terms and conditions or terminate services any time and without notice. Ptc Groups©, its subsidiaries, affiliates and agents are not responsible for any products and services of other program participating companies or partners.

9. Assurance: Ptc Groups© upfront reserves the right to modify the terms at any time, with or without caution. We take no responsibility for violations occurred by Ptc Groups© members, it's your job to revisit the terms on a regular basis


11. By joining, you agree not to compete with Ptc Groups© by starting your own similar business or joining a similar business within a period of five years after you resign from Ptc Groups©. You understand  and agree not to infringe on the intellectual property owned and copyrighted by Ptc Groups©

12. Any charges made by payment processors for deposits made by members will be deducted from the deposit.  Should a payment processor's fee reduce the deposit to 0.00 no deposit will be credited to the member's account. Your payouts from Ptc Groups may be charged a fee as well and that fee may reduce your total payout. Please remember, these fees are charge by your payment processor and NOT Ptc Groups.

13. Once you deposit your payout for a specific site into your Ptc Groups© account you will be qualified to enter the Ptc Groups© matrix for that specific site and start getting other qualified members under you.
So, as soon as your account at Ptc Groups© is credited with your sites' payouts you go into the matrix for that specific site and start getting qualified members under you.  
You may be paid from Ptc Groups© once a month, but if you don't get a payout at one of your selected ptc sites within the time frame for that site you won't be qualified for that particular ptc's matrix for that month. Our payouts start around the middle of the month. (Remember, we have a matrix for EACH of our accepted ptc sites, so the more sites you qualify for the money money you will make.)

13. Marketing and Matrix Requirements
We designed Ptc Groups as a CLOSED MATRIX.
We have received a few questions as to how exactly a closed matrix works...so we will give you a good explanation of this type of matrix...and it's advantages.
First, let's look at a typical matrix or OPEN MATRIX:
A members joins early in the life of the open matrix and they are in the FIRST level. OK, now let's say a hundred more members join...NOT as direct referrals but as new members who joined as a result of the marketing by the matrix program itself.
Those 100 members ALL go into the FIRST level as well.
When a member in the first level refers a member, that new member would be placed under the member who referred them and go into the SECOND LEVEL of the matrix.

With the open matrix, if YOU don't market you don't get any referrals under you...and you don't make very much money.
That is the basic problem with MOST matrix systems...the members who don't market don't make any money because they don't get any referrals....and they drop out.
So, with the CLOSED MATRIX there is a limited number of positions in the first level...in our case we chose to have a straight-line matrix with only 1 member per level. As new members join they go into the next available position in the closed matrix.
Those who market benefit and even those who don't market benefit...EVERYONE BENEFITS! But we want EVERYONE to market a bit...as they can.
With our closed matrix EVERYONE makes a commission from EVERYONE below them..up to a point ...so, everyone makes money and members tend to STAY with the program MUCH better than with an OPEN matrix.
The only drawback are those members who don't market at all because they feel that everyone else will market....well, that doesn't work either. EVERYONE NEEDS TO MARKET A BIT AS THEY CAN.
We wanted a way to give a MAJOR REWARD those who market but still provide a benefit for those who don't market.
The rules are:
5 CURRENT, direct referrals and you are moved to the top of EACH matrix you are in and collect all the way down each matrix you are in.
If you have zero current referrals  you can collect all the way down each matrix your are in based on the date you became current.

So, you see, there is a MAJOR benefit of marketing...you fill the matrix faster and you get to KEEP your matrix position and earn from all of the referrals below you.

 Now, we certainly understand they everyone simply can not afford to market...that is why we have given you several options to market for FREE...at traffic exchanges.

You do have to click ads at traffic exchanges to earn credits but with three of them you can open several ads AT THE SAME TIME.
The three that allow you to do this is:

Again, the MAJOR advantage of the closed matrix is that EVERYONE benefits from the matrix...the drawback of any matrix system is that some members never market and never bring new members into the matrix...so...
 So those members who do some marketing will earn much MORE than those who do NO marketing. 

Just remember, the members you refer must be current in the matrix for you to earn on all levels.

Occasionally someone who doesn't understand how the system works will sign up more than one time with the SAME user name.  We try very hard to delete duplicate memberships but occasionally we miss one.
If a member buys referrals from us and one or more of their purchased referrals joins again and someone else buys that referral, the member who bought the referral FIST is the owner and the member who bought the same referral due to a duplicate membership will be given a new referral to replace the duplicate membership referral.

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